Amita Patel is a highly qualified advanced beauty therapist with over 20 years experience, renowned for her expertise and skills in brow shaping, which has brought her into the beauty spotlight, Amita offers a range of services from training to specialist brow techniques and treatments. Also working with the medical aesthetics profession and the cosmetics industry, where her and her team specialise in advanced skin treatments. Using the Environ skin care range and medical skin peels, non invasive anti ageing facials using microdermabrasion through ultra sound and micro vibrations, radio frequency, skin lifting, tightening treatments and medical skin peels, it’s safe to say Amita is an expert from brows to advanced facial treatments.

Amita was a head trainer when HD Brows first launched, she has trained many therapists using her technique and she now has a full team of Master Brow Artists and a training academy teaching worldwide.

Welcome to Amita Patel Master Brows.

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  • Microblading Measuring
  • Skin Peel
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Microblading Tool
  • Before/After Skin Peel

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I had the treatment just before going on holiday when I was staying on a boat, it couldn't have been better timing.  I didn't need brow pencils or powders and I also didn't need to apply mascara every day. This treatment is perfect, if like me, you have never had your brows professionally shaped and also if you want a more youthful appearance without resorting to needles or scalpels. - Instant Eye Lift @ FOUR London

Tracey McAlpine

I had the most fabulous day on the brow course with Amita and her trainers. She and her team truly are brow experts. Amita has devised a course to pass on these skills to you. You'll come away REALLY knowing about brow design, just by plucking one hair can make all the difference. You'll come away confident, and itching to put your new found skills to use! It's the best course and money I've spent in the last 18 months, and trust me I've been on quite a few courses. One of the best bits for me too was that you won't pass the course unless they feel and you can demonstrate that you are confident in all aspects of brow design and finishing. What are you waiting for, get booking your place now, and truly call yourself a brow artist!


Absolutely amazing training from Amita and her fabulous trainers. I came away from this course feeling very confident and learnt so much. For anyone thinking about doing this course, I would highly recommend you doing it. Such an enjoyable day, really hands on, attention to detail, very informative and the best course I have ever been on. I now look at brows in a totally different way, and know I have been trained by the best. I am very proud to say I am now officially a Master Brow Artist.


I had an amazing day on Amita's Brow Masters course headed by her, alongside her fabulous trainers. If you are thinking of doing a brow course or want to up your existing skills this is the course for you - so go for it. Amita and her trainers are warm , friendly and very hands-on so you will leave this course felling very confident with your skills ready to take on the the brow world. Being that it's not brand-specific, you are able to choose what brow products work best for you and your clients.