Thesera L Facials

THESERA L no needle PDO thread lifting facial

The newest generation of no needle thread lift, a completely safe, clinically proven and non-invasive treatment. Thesera L is a luxury facial which appeals to all ages over 18, all complexions and concerns.

Thesera L Lifting System is FDA KFDA CE Approved. It uses a patented and ground breaking TDN technology, leading the way in the future of skin care.

The no needle TDN solution penetrates into the dermal layers via a paracellular pathway, filling the area under the skin. The thread fibre in the form of liquid is applied onto the epidermis surface. The ingredients are encapsulated and moved to the lower skin layers.

Melting threads are a THESERA L cosmetological product, developed in South Korea by specialists of MR Innovation Co.

This process creates a lift based on melting (dissolving) threads.

The threads are dissolved and transferred beneath the skin, when they are fully absorbed the thread rebuilds together to form a cushion, the treatment is carried out over a 5 step program completed within 75 to 90 minutes. This treatment is relaxing, yet the client will experience tightness and firmness.

After the procedure the skin becomes visibly lifted, more dense and elastic. As well as the product lightening and smoothing the facial contours, tone, and minimising pores.

The threads are made from silkworm which has a fibroin protein called sericin, which is primarily used in medicine for wound suturing and tissue regeneration. It also has a natural infection resistance, and is used variably due to excellent biocompatibility, and thus is used commonly as a wound coagulant. When used in cosmetics, sericin has been found to improve skin elasticity and several anti ageing factors, including an anti wrinkle property. This is done by minimising water loss from the skin.

Benefits include

Pore tightening
Boosts elasticity
Minimises wrinkles
Improves dermal density
Improves volume
Improvement of pigmentation
Youthful appearance

The advantages

Total safety
Even distribution
Ability to treat multiple areas 

There are no


How many treatments are needed?

Results last from 6 months to 12 months, it is recommended that the client has 2 – 4 treatments once every 2 to 4 weeks to build on threads and maximise production of collagen, which in turn, allowing results to last up to 18 months.

Maintenance is recommended around once every 3 to 6 months depending on age, skin, lifestyle etc.

This is the first system in the UK like this, and it’s the most relaxing of treatments whilst gaining amazing results. Thesera L isn’t just a facial it’s science!

Results peak at 4 weeks as the products allow this to continue remodelling under the skin surface, producing collagen and elastin for 4 weeks after treatment.

Prior to treatment

Avoid the following for 7 days before your treatment:

  • Discontinue the use of retinols
  • Any facial hair removal
  • Any waxing
  • No chemicals skin peels
  • Not botox or fillers (allow 2 weeks or more if having any of these treatments)

The initial 72 hours post treatment are the most critical in letting the product settle and work within the skin prolonging your results and giving glowing skin.

After receiving your Thesera L lifting treatment:

  • Avoid using exfoliating products or retinol products
  • Do not wash your face or apply any products for 24 hours
  • The skin may feel tingly or sensitive allow time for this to subside
  • Redness on the skin will subside allow to settle
  • Hydrate your body and skin by drinking plenty of water and applying a hydrating product which is soothing such as a hyaluronic based product
  • When outside in the sun even on a cloudy day ensure to use a sun protection product, preferably for the face but any sunscreen will be better than none
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold conditions for 24 hours this includes exercising, hot tubs, spas, swimming pools, gardening, cooking over a hot stove or sitting next to a fireplace
  • Avoid touching the skin for at least 24 hours post treatment and do not pick or scratch the skin
  • Discontinue use of any AHA products for 72 hours, or 6 weeks if doing a treatment cycle
  • Have a realistic expectation of the results
  • Avoid home care products such as bleach as the vapours can cause skin irritation
  • Put a clean pillow case on your pillow
The process
  1. Creation of the tunnel
  2. Absorption of threads
  3. Moisturise, creates circulation
  4. Acceleration of thread absorption
  5. Nourishment
Epidermis Balance Foam

An Acid cleanser removes dead skin cells on the surface and cleans up the skin texture.

Dermis Balance Peelenser

Utilises complex acid with TDN technology, to help the melting strings penetrate the skin and regenerate new collagen cells.

High Tension Serum & Strings

Melting strings and a high enriched ampule tightens and lifts the skin. Resulting in wrinkle improvement.

Hydra Booster

Refreshing high performance hydrating and moisturising factors help moisturise the skin and facilitate cutaneous circulation.

High Tension Gel

Soy phyto placenta extract tightens and lifts the wrinkles.

High Tension Ampoule

High enriched complex peptide components helps increase nutrition supply, improves wrinkles and brightens the skin.

Peel percentage is 22percent glycolic 5 lactic 0.5 salicylic ph level 3,8 (for insurance ).

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